Kids Clothing Week! Blog Start! The Michelle Jacket

25 Apr

I’m using Kids Cloths Week as a reason to start documenting my crafty endeavors by blog. Yea! This is the first time I’ve participated in the brainchild of Meg, though I’ve been tempted for the last couple of years. I put together a haphazard plan attempting to use as many things (fabric, patterns, etc) as I had on hand and started tracing and cutting last week, managing to prepare 5 whole items by Sunday evening! On Monday, I had a free morning, and was able to work on 3 different items, though didn’t complete any of them for various reasons. Sigh. On Tuesday, I finished The Michelle Jacket, a pattern by Shwin & Shwin that I purchased during a pre-holiday sale a few months ago. I used a thrifted canvas-y floral print that I thought my daughter would love – it is pink and purple after all. I did buy the floral print and the orange piping at Pacific Fabrics (Cuzco by Kate Spain for Moda). Love this! Image This pattern came together pretty easily, but does require a lot of pieces. I didn’t love that the instructions didn’t include layout directions, and some of the directions were not as detailed as some patterns are, but the results are adorable! My kid loves her new coat! Image Pattern: The Michelle Jacket by Shwin Designs Size: 4t for my size 3 gal; rolled up sleeves will make this one last awhile Fabric: Thrifted Floral Canvas and Cuzco (Embroidery Indigo by Kate Spain for Moda) New Skills: I covered the buttons! ImageImage


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