oliver & s bucket hat – KCW Day 3

26 Apr
I had extra material from The Michelle Jacket and thought I’d love to see it as a hat, too. Not wanting a perfect match with the jacket, I switched up the coordinating fabric and used a lively bee print (Locally Grown) by this gal. How perfect that my gal was watering her garden while modeling.
This was a fun hat to make. I found the top stitching around the brim meditative and used different colored thread in my bobbin (yellow as opposed to dark pink) to ensure a perfect match on both sides.

IMG_9767 IMG_9766IMG_9775 I was a bit flummoxed to find the directive to hand stitch the 2nd cap onto the rest (I’ve never been good at reading the directions all the way through before starting something), but with a 2 hour meeting for preschool on Wednesday, it turned out to be just fine. The hand stitching wasn’t as bad a I thought it would be and I was able to fit the cap in a way that I didn’t think possible when first slipping it over the rest of the hat (it actually seemed like it was going to be way too big). I wouldn’t have liked the results had I skipped that step; I tried, believe me.

Next time I make this, I plan to use the modifications made by Jessica, cutting a longer brim and avoiding the hand stitching. Yes, I do think there will be a next time as I don’t think it will fit my kid for much longer.

Pattern: reversible bucket hat from Little Things to Sew
Size: Medium. This fits daughter perfectly, so next time (and there will be one) I’ll make a large.
Compliments: my sweetie said it looked store bought, and then apologized that that’s even a compliment. I’ll take it!

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