Scirocco – KCW Day 6

27 Apr

ImageConsidering this is the 2nd time I’ve made this dress, it was a bit of a struggle. Most of my mistakes were silly errors: I ended up ripping out several seams after sewing wrong seams together and catching one of the many ruffles in my thread. I also had a lot of trouble getting the shoulder seams correct, even though I was referencing the very good tutorial from Figgy’s blog. I’m going to chalk it up to being tired near the end of a very full week of Kids Clothes Week, but the truth is, I perservered and am quite proud of the final product!


I used a fabric I had in my stash: Petals by Michael Miller which I picked up at Esther’s during a day trip to Bainbridge Island last year. I love it for this pattern. I used a lovely coordinating ribbon for the trim that runs down the middle of the bodice. I had no reason to make a Scirocco, other than the fact that I already had the pattern traced in size 2/3, and the one I made for my gal was getting a bit short. Note that I only used the top and middle ruffles for the dress I made last summer as I didn’t have enough fabric for the bottom one; however, it was a good length last August for my then 2.5 year old to wear with a pair of leggings. Now that dress fits like a tunic. See here for a picture when it was a dress.


I worked hard to make sure my seams were nicely finished. Not bad for my vintage Singer (who needs a serger?). ImageThere are so many things that are right about this dress. The style is unique, edgy and adorable and the ruffles are very appealing for a little gal who likes to boogie. My one disappointment is with the fit of the bodice. Maybe it’s because my daughter is on the wee side, but it rides up a bit and then the straps hover over her shoulders. Image

Perhaps once she stretches out a bit more it’ll be better. Time will tell on that.

Regardless, she loves it and didn’t want to take it off before lunch so I could get a few more detailed photos. That is a win. Image

Pattern: Scirocco by Figgy’s

Size: 2/3

Fabric: Petals by Michael Miller from Ether’s Fabrics, Bainbridge Island


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