Skater Dress – KCW Finale

29 Apr

Wow. I’m exhausted, but I managed to complete two more garments during KCW. Really, I finished the final hem at 11:45pm last night! ImageSince I’d finished all 5 garments I’d prepared before the week started and the kid was spending some quality time with her Poppa, I cut out a Skater Dress yesterday morning. I was feeling bold with my semi-success with knits from the day before, and had this cute pattern in the queue since winning it in a Crafterhours giveaway. I also had this crazy plum/white double knit that I’d thrifted (what? no one used this up in the 1960s?) that had no other role. I cut out the 18m/2T size, which is unlike me since I tend to size up for maximum wearing time. The bodice went together quickly, but after an attempt to slip it over my very intelligent (ahem, large headed) 3 year old, I realized there wasn’t a chance this was going to fit her. I went ahead and stitched it up since I’d already cut out the skirt and sleeves; this also gave me time to contemplate what I was going to do for a 2nd version since my daughter had already voiced her love for the fabric.

During naptime, I cut out a 2nd version: I went with the 3T/4T size, but adjusted the neckline to the 5/6 size since the 3/4 didn’t seem like it would be big enough. I’m glad I trusted my instincts with that, because even the 2nd version is snug going over this gal’s head.Image

I’m not sure if it would be different using a jersey knit or something with a bit more stretch – I’ll have to experiment.


Anyway, this dress is adorable, a breeze to sew, and a hit with the kid!


I think the skirt is a bit long for great playground mobility, but that really is yet to be tested. I’m just excited about the versatility of this pattern – I think I can even use it as a base for t-shirts, and of course I haven’t tried sewing up the long sleeve and sleeveless versions. Thank goodness for more knits in my stash!Image

Pattern: Skater Dress by Kitshy Coo

Size: 3T/4T with 5/6 neckline

Newish Skills: I got to practice using a double needle for the hemline!


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