Sunki Leggings

29 Apr

I have a goal to learn to sew with knits.

I’ve been saying this for at least a year. Kid’s Clothes Week was a good excuse to dig right in.


I used this leggings pattern from Figgy’s (I made the dress over a year ago) and I think I’ll use it again and again. There are only 2 pattern pieces total. I love a pattern that takes so little time to cut out! I bought this coral fabric at Pacific Fabrics just before the start of KCW. Yes, I had wanted to use my stash for this week of sewing, but in my defense, I’d been looking for a pair of coral leggings for the kid with no success. At $10 for the yard I bought, this was a pretty good deal, not to mention I still have enough fabric to make another pair.Image

While I said these went together quickly, it’s worth mentioned that I actually did end up sewing them twice. Yes, that’s right. I made them once, and then as I hoisted them up over my daughter’s rear on Thursday morning, I heard the dreadful sound of breaking threads. So, like I indicated, I don’t have a lot of experience with knits. I tried to follow the directions for sewing knits with a regular machine, but the directions are for people with modern sewing machines. I sew on a vintage Singer from the 60s, and it wasn’t until I googled what my stitch should look like that I realized I needed to do some trial and error to get a good, stretchy stitch.


I had to rip out all of my seams (pretty easy, actually, with just a stretch of the fabric!) and redo. It was well worth the effort – these pants are well fitted, super comfy and the perfect shade of coral. And I know I’m biased, but I’d say they look pretty great under that sweet belly.Image

Pattern: Sunki Leggings

Size: 2/3

Fabric: Coral jersey knit from Pacific Fabrics

New Skills: Learned that a great stretchy stitch for knits on my machines is a zigzag with a width of 3.5 and a length of 15.



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