A Little Summer Skirt

20 May

I thrifted this pink and brown woven fabric years ago but have struggled to find inspiration for it. The other night, I was itching to complete an easy and brainless project, so I decided it should be a skirt for the little.IMG_0065

The fabric is about 48″ wide, and I cut approximately 15 inches of length times 2 to make a very full skirt. If you do the math,  accounting for the French seam allowance (I love to use that type of seam for this project as it keeps things so nice and finished, and eliminates any need to trim threads after the garment is washed), that’s 95 inches of twirl for a 3 footer. Not bad.IMG_0050

These pictures were taken after a morning of playing at school and an afternoon nap followed by a bike ride and gardening, so I think it’s going to hold up just fine.


I have another project for the kid in the works using this fabric. I’m tempted to make myself a long full skirt as well for the summer, and though I do have enough of this fabric to make myself a match, I’m going to show some restraint!


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