A little (too little) top

31 May

I am procrastinating my way through a Very Big Project (VBP), which will eventually make its way to these pages. For now, though, I’ll share what I’ve been doing in between the VBP, to help me feel like I’m accomplishing things. (Do you do this, too? Work on little things that you know you can complete, even if it means adding them to your to-do list?)

Enter: 2nd Japanese pattern attempted and conquered! (From this book.)


This cute little shirt was a satisfying sew. Like, really, really satisfying because all of the little seams are covered by the trim pieces (hard to see in the pics, but made with a contrasting pink/white polka dot fabric). I love me a finished garment, that’s for sure. I also enjoy following a pattern with pictures – it’s a nice little challenge, at least when it works out!


This  wasn’t, however, a total win. I’m considering it a muslin, and good thing, because I should have cut out the larger size. Turns out Size 90 maybe translates more to a 2T size, and it’s a little on the small side for the small fry. I didn’t think I’d even get that neck over my kid’s head, so that was a nice surprise. It at least allowed for photos on a real live model as opposed to a hanger.

Here’s the proof that this is likely the last time this shirt will be worn:

IMG_0270 IMG_0277

This does make me excited about the pink and white seersucker I used; I thrifted it years ago and was tired of looking at it every time I went through my stash. I think I might actually use it to make something that will fit the kid now!


Pattern: Blouse from this book!

Size: 90 (too small)

Fabric: pink/white seersucker with pink/white polka dot trim, both thrifted long ago

Notes: Love the finished seams. I sewed the sides up using French seams to ensure no raw edges anywhere!


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