Romper time!

18 Jun

I’m having a good time working my way through this Japanese sewing book, but am still working on sizing. This time I cut out a size 100 using a great orange and white textured cotton that I took from my mom’s stash (probably last used in a jacket/skirt set in the 80s). Despite the impracticality for potty trained 3 year olds, I love the idea of rompers and was looking forward to making this one. I mean, take a look at those pin tucks on the bodice!


Turns out it is a little short in the torso, and I had to bribe the kid to put it on for photos (popsicles work every time). Ah, well. It was still fun to make.


That said, it was still not without trouble and language barrier issues. From what I could tell in the pattern layout, it seemed like the waist and the chest bands were to be different lengths, but I am still not sure why as I had to add a pleat in the chest band to fit properly. You can’t tell because of the way the elastic gathers it, but I still wish I had followed my intuition.


The other thing I would change, and still might, is the length of the straps – they are crazy long, and I ended up tying them at the back to slow down the process of my model untying them. I still have a lot of patterns I want to try out of this book – just hoping to figure out sizing a little better.

Pattern: view F from this book

Size: 100; a bit short in the torso but otherwise seems perfect!

Fabric: a great orange and white slub cotton from mom’s stash.


3 Responses to “Romper time!”

  1. raeanna June 19, 2013 at 1:15 am #

    I love that color!! I never would have guessed it was from the 80’s!!! I so want to try some Japanese patterns! I love the clean and modern lines of a lot of the patterns I’ve seen! Great job and thank you so much for participating in Romper Week!!!

  2. kristin June 19, 2013 at 5:58 am #

    Oh man she’s cute. Those Japanese patterns can be pretty hit or miss, but good for you giving it a go!

  3. Chelsea June 19, 2013 at 7:43 pm #

    Very cute! Glad you could get through the pattern. Thanks for sharing!

    Get Your Crap Together

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