Dream of the 90s

2 May

I don’t spend a lot of time looking for patterns at thrift stores because it drives me a little bit crazy. I think it’s something I could have done once in my lifetime, but as the mom of a young child, I just don’t have any time or patience for it. That said, somehow I came across this wonderful vintage (circa 1996) pattern at an enormous thrift shop on Whidbey Island early this year.


I adored the big pockets, the cut out in the back and the sweet inset that looks so great with stripes. It was 50% off, so I paid 25 cents for this mint condition pattern in sizes 3 to 8. I was a little bit excited.

Simplicity 7154(Simplicity 7154)

After digging through my fabric stash, I quickly settled on a purple shirting with thin white stripes. Purple is my daughter’s favorite color, and I’ve needed some sewing wins with her after a few “mehs” and a couple of “no ways”.


This dress is adorable in so many ways. I sewed up the size 4, but my newly 4 year old is on the wee side, so I could certainly have done with the size 3. She’s not particularly slim, but the 4 was quite roomy in the bodice just the same. I’d rather have that than something too small, and with a 4 inch hem, I could even lengthen it if she ever shoots up in height.



Very dance-able. Best quality in a dress ever.

Pattern: Simplicity 7154

Size: 4


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