Miriam’s Magic Numbers Quilt

2 May

Well, I’m not doing the best job documenting my finished projects, but I’m going to attempt to get some more stuff up here in the coming weeks. I have been sewing. Just not taking a lot of photos or writing about it. Sigh.


This quilt is one that took a little over a year to make from start to finish. I started it during a day long retreat with some girlfriends; we each brought fabric and started cutting out squares in 3 different sizes based on Katie Pedersen’s Magic Numbers Quilt.

I started with the backing fabric: a floral I never would have purchased for myself, but chosen by a lovely friend that I met 15 years ago. She lives in France, but the summer before last we met up in Boston, and I dragged her to a fabric store for her to select something she loved. I immediately made her a set up 8 napkins with the floral matched with a different solid color, but I had several yards left over, so I thought it had to be a quilt!


I didn’t have quite enough of the floral for the entire back, so I used the same pink fabric with white polka dots (formerly a bedsheet) that I used for the border. Thanks, Mom, for that great idea. Somehow, the rest of the fabrics were pulled from my stash. I was quite happy to use up several different pieces!

The quilting was done on my machine – I did a random chevron pattern in the middle boxed in by rectangles in the back border.


Photos were taken on a cool day here in Seattle. You can see that the quilt has already proven useful, and I haven’t even taken the time to send it to France yet!


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